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Along with antibiotic treatment, it is advisable to perform medicinal inhalations, take methotrexate pills and vitamin preparations, saturate your diet with fruits and vegetables. Treatment of histoplasmosis in patients with HIV infection is carried out with the help of ketoconazole, fluconazole, antihistamines and vitamin preparations. The prognosis for acute asymptomatic histoplasmosis is generally favorable, the main thing is to prevent the transition to the chronic stage. The chronic form can lead to pulmonary fibrosis, heart failure, encephalopathy, uveitis, etc.

If chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis is not treated with antibiotics, then the mortality rate is 60%. In HIV-infected people, this disease leads to buy methotrexate online in 20% of cases; in AIDS patients, the mortality rate is more than 90%. There is no specific prevention of histoplasmosis. However, special attention should be paid to respiratory protection during construction, excavation, agricultural work (use of respirators, protective masks, etc.). It is necessary to carry out soil disinfection, measures to reduce air dust, control of seeds, fruits and vegetables (especially those that came from regions where histoplasmosis is ubiquitous). The main thing is to remember that a person becomes infected by airborne dust, inhaling the fungus through dust, and the fungus is not transmitted from other people, even infected ones.

The causative agent - Histoplasma capsulatum - is a dimorphic fungus that exists in tissue and cultural forms. The tissue form is located in the cells of the organs of the reticuloendothelial system (liver, spleen, lymph nodes). In shape and size (2-4 microns), this microorganism resembles Leishmania or Toxoplasma. The mycelial form of the fungus is never found in tissues. It develops well on nutrient media at temperatures below 30C. Histoplasmas in both phases are pathogenic for white mice, rats, guinea pigs, golden hamsters, and dogs. The fungus persists for a long time in moist soil (6 weeks) and in water. Quickly dies under the influence of various disinfectants.

What is Histoplasmosis What causes Histoplasmosis Pathogenesis (what happens?) during Histoplasmosis Symptoms of Histoplasmosis Diagnosis of Histoplasmosis Treatment of Histoplasmosis Prevention of Histoplasmosis Which doctors should you contact if you have Histoplasmosis. The causative agent of the disease persists in the soil. In pollution (infection) of the soil, the isolation of cheap methotrexate by infected animals and birds (bats, cats, dogs, chickens, starlings, etc.) is of some importance. Infection of people occurs by airborne dust. Cases of human infection from sick people and animals were not observed. Histoplasmosis is widespread in various countries of Africa and America, it is also found in Europe and Asia, isolated cases of histoplasmosis are described in our country, imported cases are also possible.

The most infected are areas located from 45В� to 30В� to the north. Soil plays an important role in the epidemiology of histoplasmosis. During the rainy season, histoplasma multiplies in the soil. One colony of the fungus with a diameter of 2.5 cm can carry millions of spores. After the end of the rainy season, the spores are dispersed in the external environment. Infection occurs by inhalation of spores, in particular during various earthworks (digging trenches, construction, etc.). Infection from sick people to healthy people is not transmitted even with prolonged close contact.

The gates of infection are often respiratory organs. The spores of the fungus with dust enter the bronchi and alveoli, where they turn into parasitic yeast-like forms, penetrate into tissues and cause the appearance of a primary pulmonary focus. With the flow of lymph, the pathogen penetrates into the regional lymph nodes, causing an inflammatory process in them. The presence of the fungus in the tissue leads to the formation of a granulomatous process, which is resolved by necrosis, ulceration or petrification of the lung tissue and lymph nodes, less often by abscess formation. This form resembles primary pulmonary tuberculosis. Histoplasmic antigens penetrate into the general circulation and lead to an allergic restructuring of the body (which is detected by an intradermal test with histoplasmin) and the production of specific antibodies.

Pathogenesis (what happens?) during Histoplasmosis. At this point, the process may end, without giving pronounced symptoms, sometimes the process proceeds in the form of an inapparent form. In other cases, hematogenous dissemination of the fungus occurs throughout the body with damage to many organs. The process progresses rapidly and often leads to order methotrexate pills. In the occurrence of such a form, the state of the immune system is of great importance. This course is usually observed in HIV-infected individuals. The incubation period lasts from 4 to 30 days (usually 7-14 days). The shorter the incubation period, the more severe the disease.

Due to the fact that these are potent drugs, patients often experience side effects when they are taken.